Latest collection "True Gold Is Inside"

Concept behind the latest collection/exhibition "True Gold Is Inside"
"What’s the most precious and rare material in the universe that can be found on Earth? Fossil fuel (oil and petrol based plastic).
Why? Because the Earth is the only place you can find it. Diamonds? Gold? Well this you can find on the Moon, and even more than here, on Earth.
And what is fossil fuel? It is a fuel formed by natural process, over millions of years, such as decomposition of buried dead organisms, containing energy originating in ancient photosynthesis. Fossil fuel is not a renewable source.
So doesn’t it have to be, that we should value petrol-based plastics way much more than we do nowadays? Now we’re trying to figure out the way how to get rid of plastics, but how about changing the philosophy and perspective we’re consuming it?

Wearable jewelry collection “True Gold Is Inside” reflects our understanding of “preciousness” and exclusivity. True nature of hidden values. 
All collection’s pieces are made out of plastic and plated with various metals, from gold to silver, nickel and copper, to “preserve” the inside and to “lie”.
Latest collection "True Gold Is Inside"